International Trade Practitioners Ltd.

International Trade Practitioners Ltd.

International Trade PractitionersTraining Modules


List of our training modules are as follows:

  • The Importance of International Trade
  • Handling Export Orders and Quotations
  • Introduction to Trade Terms and Contracts
  • The Use of Incoterms in Export and import Strategy
  • Import and Export Customs Procedure
  • International Trade Documentation
  • Modes of International Transport
  • The Use of Freight Forwarders and other Agencies
  • Marine Bills of Lading and other Transport Documents
  • Choosing Cargo Insurance
  • Methods of Payment
  • Safeguarding of Payments
  • Financing International Trade
  • Legal Aspects of  International Trade
  • Products and Production for the International Market
  • Overseas Market and potential
  • Market Research
  • Market Environment and Culture 
  • Personal Selling and Presentation
  • Promoting Exports
  • The International Marketing Plan


At the end of each programme there will be a question and answer session in order to test on what you have learned. Each module completed successfully will be accredited.

The company will also offer a free consultancy service for three months after completing a select number of workshops. 


Cross Border Trade, Brendan MacEvoy



    Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy
    Managing Director